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They did not know it was imposiible, so they did it (Mark TWAIN)


Whatever their size, smooth pyramids of the Old Kingdom seem to have in common, a core shaped as a step pyramid.


In addition to the symbolic nature of this internal structure, I wondered if it would not be the initial stage of construction.
This led me to develop a building method whose principle is extremely simple, suitable for any size of pyramid and involves the use of ramps and sleds.


Various levels of degradation of the pyramids suggest that all the smouth pyramids have a common structure consisting of:
• an enclosure shaped as a Step Pyramid (3 to 7 depending on size), made ​​of calibrated blocks not smoothed extracted from local quarries (A)
• containing a heterogeneous masonry of filling consisting of large stones and rubbish (B).
• In this initial stepped structure, a ​​complementary masonry made ​​of calibrated blocks not smoothed extracted from local quarries (C),
• allows the installation of a coating finely cutted in high quality limestone, and sometimes partially in granite  (D):

The most simple method, the most rational and economical to build the initial internal stepped structure, seems to be the one that is designated as "laterals ramps" suggested by German architect and Egyptologist Uvo Hölsher. But it is unsuitable for the installation of a smooth coating.

My trick is to build these ramps with stones rather than with bricks because for transform the initial stepped structure in smooth pyramid , we can just re-arrange some stones of the ramps because there is no change volume during the change of configuration.



By doing so on each side, from the top to the base, we obtain a smooth pyramid perfectly consistent with observations.

By providing ramps back to back, one enjoys several advantages:
- (A) assigned to the ramps lubricated moving materials.
- (B) Ramps dry (or stairs) staff assigned to the blocks pull ropes (green).
- C) Masses of angles allowing permanent control of alignments (white dots).


Unlike the recent hypothesis of J.Pierre Houdin & Dassault Systemes, my hypothesis does apply, not only to the Cheops pyramid but also to any smooth pyramid, whatever its size.


The whole of my study is developed in a pdf document of 14 pages, fully illustrated that you can view or download by clicking here. 


This method is simple, economical, strong, and is consistent with the observations, is  listed in the logical framework of architectural evolution. For all these reasons, I am convinced that this approach is very similar to the one that was used in the Pharaonic era.
Finally, as you will see by reading this document, this method is easily enabled - or disabled - using a simple tape measure.
You will agree, is little difficult to get any easier.
I would be grateful relay or share this study with a view to attract the interest of the scientific community and the media.


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The construction is almost complete. It remains the first two levels of the ramps to change.

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